Michael Suazo

In short, Mike would consider himself a positive realist, he assumes leadership positions only when needed, and above all he prides himself on being a great listener and mediator. He has a genuine interest in others, whether it be learning about them, from them, or helping them. In life, Mike enjoys deep conversations, meaningful experiences, and exciting adventures with friends. Each new experience teaches him more about this amazing world and about himself. He lives a positive life and is dedicated to those that surround him. He values honesty, fairness, and his one quite hour of morning coffee with his thoughts. As a designer, Mike has a very circular process, constantly revisiting and revising to move forward. He will play devil’s advocate and try to poke holes in the thought process to push deeper development and understanding. With a passion for beautiful graphics and objects, Mike is left wanting more. He is searching for his place in the world, looking for a balance between beauty and meaning in all that he does. 


Contact:  suazy25@gmail.com